About Us

EMINAS BOTANICAL BOUTIQUE - Clean, sustainable, non toxic plant based skincare that actually works.

My name is Emina and I am the force behind Emina's Botanical Boutique. I am passionate about aromatherapy, botanical plants, and I love spending as much time as possible in nature. Our products are inspired by nature and everything around us. My mission is to formulate 100% botanical non-toxic skincare that respects the environment and its well-being. When it comes to skincare formulation and product development I always use as much as possible the highest quality wild harvested organic and natural ingredients available and reusable, recyclable packaging to reduce waste. I say NO to any hormone-disrupting chemicals!
All of my products are handmade in small batches in London. Everything in this shop is created by me with a lot of passion and love. I spend a lot of time creating new recipes, finding good suppliers, making, hand cutting, and wrapping all of my products. I then design and print all my labels. I print my labels in-house on 100% recyclable brown craft paper made in the UK. This is to give you something beautiful to look at too!
No artificial ingredients, colourants, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, petroleum, paraben, SLS, alcohol are added to my products. 100 % Eco Friendly, Artisan products - handmade with love. Vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Not tested on animals. Cruelty-Free.
Once you try my products you will never go back to commercial products again.

~ THANK YOU for visiting my store and helping me to keep on producing high-quality natural skincare. I look forward to fulfilling your needs. ~